August 12, 2008

Batman versus Titanic

Batman will crush Titanic. You\'ll see.Seems like everyone is very concerned that ‘The Dark Knight’ doesn’t sink ‘Titanic’ (pun intended). This article from Reuters is one of many that seems to think that the latest Batman film will not break James Cameron’s watery smash-hit, even though ‘Dark Knight’ has taken in over $400 million in four weeks.

Why so negative? I’ll tell you why: tights and capes.

There are, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, many who feel that comic books are silly, nerdy, whatever. Therefore, movies based on comic books are similarly silly, nerdy, and generally only cool if girls aren’t around when we watch them. So there are those that, even if they deny it harder than Bruce Wayne denying he’s Batman, are rooting for ‘Knight’ to fall before the superhero-free ‘Titanic.’

The thing is, this movie has Heath Ledger. And Heath has a lot of fans. And, oh yeah – he died. Maybe you heard about it. It was in all the papers. So you get the geeks, but you also get the ladies. It’s ‘Spider-Man’ plus ‘Sex and the City’, times 1,000. (‘The Dark Knight’ is also a much better movie than ‘Titanic,’ but hopefully you knew that already.)

Before ‘Dark Knight’ opened, the LA Times (can’t find the link, sorry) had an item stating that it would never, ever match the lofty box office total achieved by the Jack Nicholson ‘Batman’. Well, guess what? According to BoxOfficeMojo, it looks like that already happened. So why can’t it blow ‘Titanic’ out of the water? (Pun intended again; sorry, it’s just too easy.)

‘Titanic’ was $600 million domestic, and $1 billion worldwide. I say ‘Dark Knight’ beats it. Who’s with me?