October 17, 2008

McCain to Letterman: I screwed up

John McCain told David Letterman that he screwed up by cancelling an appearance last monthJohn McCain did something surprising on David Letterman’s late night talk show the other night.

Now, he didn’t flash Dave (that you would have heard about already). He admitted that ditching a Letterman appearance to “focus on the economy”, when he was actually appearing on Katie Couric’s show, was a mistake. Click here for the video.

Letterman has been hammering the McCain Palin ticket recently, saying in his opening monologue, “the entire balcony is filled with state troopers fired by Sarah Palin,” before McCain came out for his interview. And then there was the Top 10 list that ended with the following jab: “You heard what happened at a rally yesterday. Sarah Palin mistook some of her supporters for hecklers. And you know, confusion happens in all walks of life. For example, a few weeks ago, John McCain mistook her for a legitimate candidate.” Ouch.

Source: LATimes

Image: CNN

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