October 22, 2008

Don Cheadle replaces Terence Howard in ‘Iron Man 2’

This was weird:

Terrence Howard says he was surprised to learn that Don Cheadle would replace him in “Iron Man 2.”
“It was the surprise of a lifetime,” the actor and musician told National Public Radio on Tuesday. “There was no explanation, (the contract) just up and vanished.”

Apparently he read about it in the news. Somebody needs to fire his agent (and not Spike Lee, who fired his agent after his movie tanked. Cuz it was probably their fault.)

I don’t think it’s going to matter. Cheadle is a better actor, although Howard is (I think) a larger guy and therefore a more physical presence. Gotta be a bummer for him though, since in theory he would get to play War Machine and maybe stick around for at least another movie after this one. Oh well, there’s always ‘Hustle and Flow 2’.

source: CNN

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