November 29, 2008

Poppa Plaxico Shoots Self in Leg

From the “you gotta be kidding me” file, Plaxico Burress, father of a little boy named Elijah (named after Giants QB Eli Manning, Plax’s teammate), has shot himself in the leg.

Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg, according to a Fox Sports reportAccording to a report by Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Burress, well, shot himself in the leg. By accident. The New York Post says that it may have happened at “a nightclub”. That seems odd since as far as I know those places have security and don’t allow weapons inside. Then again, Burress is a superbowl winning NFL player. Also, I don’t get out much, so maybe you can bring a gun into a club.

Plax has been a royal pain in the ass since signing a big contract in the offseason. He had been a pain in the ass before, both with the Steelers and with the Giants. What’s funny is that last year — the year the Giants won the Super Bowl — he wasn’t that much of a pain. Superagent/asshole Drew Rosenhaus got his star player a big contract, and now Burress been MORE weird. Usually it’s the other way around, although maybe not (I’m not doing research on this one, sorry).

On a more serious note, this is yet another example of why everybody doesn’t need a gun. Yes, sometimes people need them for protection, or like to use them for hunting (some would say “sport”). But how exactly do you “accidentally” shoot yourself in the leg while hanging out at a club? That may not be what happened, of course. Even if it isn’t, unless it turns out that Burress wasn’t shot at all, the guy needs to stay the hell away from guns from now on.

Unless some commenters on are correct when they said, “Guys didn’t you know that shooting yourself in the leg is an old anchient remedy to heal hamstring injuries faster!”

Source: Fox News

Image: NY Post

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