April 2, 2009

DadNews Daily – McCain Mania

Is it just me or does John McCain seem to be doing interviews with anyone and everyone all of a sudden? John McCainHere’s a sampling:

  • The Mac says that Afghanistan won’t be as “tough” as Iraq. I’m sorry, aren’t we still IN Iraq? Is McCain still sticking with that “Mission Accomplished” thing? And why does this matter?
  • John would like a pardon for boxer Jack Johnson, who is dead. This isn’t unprecedented, but one wonders why now is the time to discuss it.
  • Obama is not bipartisan enough. As opposed to most Republicans, who have been falling all over themselves to work with Democrats. Oh wait, this isn’t April 1st anymore. Sorry.

So, what’s up Johnnycakes? Why so chatty? Feeling like Obama’s slipping in the polls and perhaps you can make up some of the ground you lost in the campaign? Dude. THE ELECTION IS OVER. YOU LOST. All of this blabbing isn’t getting anything done. Disagree with the President. Whatever. But all of a sudden it seems like you feel as if you have to give your opinion every 2 seconds. Give it up.

In other news, North Korea “has begun fueling its long-range rocket, according to a senior U.S. military official.” That can’t be good.

Timmy Geithner says that his numbers are right and everyone else’s are wrong. Nyah-nyah. (I’m paraphrasing, of course.) This is based on limited information but there’s something about Geithner I don’t like. Never did. He appears to be very much in line with the old school finance fellas, which to me isn’t a good thing right now. Admittedly, I know nothing about finance, although I’ve been saying for years that the economy was in trouble while most people said I was wrong. I was right! Nyah-nyah.

ABC News would like to show you how to freeze and save your food. Tomorrow on GMA: Making Ice – all your questions answered!

A lot of birds — 1600 of them — died in Canada. Something to do with oil. Maybe things are going to be like they were in the 70’s.

Prosecutors may have screwed up big time in winning a conviction against former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. Ooops. It’ll be fun when this is blamed on the Obama administration, even though it all happened under Bush. Actually, as near as I can figure it, new USAG Eric Holder is the one who stepped in and fixed this thing. So if anything the current administration should be praised by Fox News, et al. Will that happen? I doubt it.

And speaking of President Obama, he gave the Queen of England… an iPod. Apparently the last time he went across the pond he gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown a bunch of DVDs that don’t work on UK players. Not to get all spin-tastic but in a way isn’t it a good thing that he doesn’t know which DVDs he should give? Shouldn’t the President of the United States have more important things on his mind?

And finally, from the Christian Science Monitor, my favorite comment of the day:

It send wrong message to public that ‘oops’ on tax is okey.


See you tomorrow, folks.

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