April 3, 2009

DadNews Daily – Miley And Nick Sing Together

Happy Friday! Some entertainment news today, defining the term “entertainment” loosely, as well as why I may be done with Windows after the Conficker non-event.

Miley CyrusHave I mentioned lately how glad I am that I have boys? Here’s one big reason: no Miley Cyrus, no Jonas Brothers. The titanic tween tunesmiths are teaming up to sing something called “Pass It On,” which is being described as “Disney’s ‘We Are The World.'” Somehow I doubt Michael Jackson will make an appearance. Also, memo to the Mouse House: We Are The World was done for charity.

The Golden Globes will not be tape-delayed in 2010. I know you’re as pleased as I am. Which would mean that you don’t care at all.

Speaking of things I don’t care about that are happening in 2010, there will be a ‘Sex and the Citysequel next year. Oh, you are such a Samantha!

Back to things I do care about: Palm announced that the new Pre will be able to run old Palm OS applications. But they still haven’t told us when we can buy the stupid phone. Big mistake, Palm. Anticipation can quickly become irritation. Get the stupid thing into stores already. Or at least give out a date. I will say that knowing I can run old apps on the new phone makes me more likely to wait for it. Assuming this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, that is.

And speaking of April 1, 2009, that was supposed to be the day that the Conficker virus was to wreak havoc with computers all over the world. That’s not what happened, mostly because people were prepared, at least in theory. Even though nothing much happened, something about the whole process left a bad taste in my mouth. I got all paranoid when my Thinkpad running Windows XP got all logy, so I went to Microsoft’s OneCareLive site and ran various free scans. They found something, didn’t really tell me what it was, fixed it, and broke my RealVNC installation for no particular reason. I think it may be time to dump Windows in favor of Mac and Linux. End of mini-rant.

And finally, candy maker Barton’s hasn’t been able to fulfill all of their Passover orders. I love Jewish candy — fruit gels, that kind of crap. Kosher. Yum. I think we bought a bunch already, but it sucks for everyone else.

That’s all for today, more on Monday.