April 10, 2009

Kim Jong-Il’s Son Doesn’t Want Dad’s Job

Most family businesses are taken over by a child. Wal-Mart. Ford. The New York Times.

But in North Korea, Kim Jong-Nam is saying “thanks but no thanks” to his dad. His dad is Kim Jong-Il. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

I’m generally not a fan of family businesses where the kids automatically get the top job. It’s too much like the Lucky Sperm Club. Does being born into a family mean that you’re competent to do a particular job? That’s not to say that it means you’re INcompetent. Just that maybe considerations should be made beyond looking at a last name.

In this case I think its probably not the worst idea. I mean, what else is that kid going to do? Open a grocery store? One of the Bin Laden children, Omar, wants to be an ambassador for peace. But he’s got big bucks and a genuine reason to be concerned about the stigma of the family name. Jong-Il isn’t exactly Smith, but it ain’t Bin Laden.

Source: AFP: Kim Jong-Il’s son: ‘Not my father’s successor’

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