April 10, 2009

Reading is Fundamental – Megan Fox Has A Clubbed Thumb

Megan Fox, Harry Nilsson and the Palm Pre. Three more things that will likely never, ever be mentioned in the same sentence again.

This Harry Nilsson kiddie cartoon looks interesting. If nothing else Harry at least admits that it was inspired by an acid trip. More about this later, perhaps. (Wikipedia)

I’m not the only one excited by the possibility of the Palm Pre. I wonder how many people are getting sick of waiting for a launch date, which I am. ZDNet says that the Pre could be an iPhone killer, but that seems like hyperbole even for the typically glassy-eyed tech media. Palm has, in my opinion, really screwed up by dangling the phone in front of people without making it available to anyone. It looks like a great device. But why announce its existence without telling folks when they can get the stupid thing? I need a new phone and may get tired of waiting. I also really don’t want Spring as my carrier. So what I’m really waiting for is a date for the Pre to be available from other companies. Which some say could be 2010. That would really suck for people who want a Pre but don’t want to hang around that long. Something else: the iPhone had Apple maniacs who were willing to chew broken glass while walking barefoot on hot coals in order to get their hands on a Jesus Phone.  Palm has loyalists, but they lack the quasi-religious zeal of Apple’s followers. (Think Flying Spaghetti Monster rather than, well, Jesus. Actually, I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster followers are probably more zealous than Palm’s.) (eWeek)

(UPDATE: Wired says that Sprint has started training its people on how to use the Pre, and claims that Palm says the launch date will be mid-year.)

Megan Fox has a clubbed thumb. Like you didn't know that.

Megan Fox has a clubbed thumb. Like you didn't know that.

Explaining how I got to this blog would be very uninteresting (I will say that I was not looking for pics of Megan Fox). But the blog itself is worth mentioning. Apparently the author has “clubbed thumbs” and writes about famous folks that share his oddly shaped opposable digit. One is Megan Fox, who was voted Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM‘s readers last year. Meaning that clubbed thumbs should not cause you to miss a chance to sleep with Megan Fox. Or perhaps it means something more profound than that. I’m very shallow. (Clubbed Thumb Blog)

A blog post does not represent the blogger’s entire life. It’s an overblown statement but there’s truth in it. Commenters often behave as if the post they just read contains every bit of data about the author. It doesn’t. A big deal? No, but not as unworthy of mentioning as it sounds when you first think about the topic. (Good Housekeeping)

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