April 11, 2009

Father And Son Play SemiPro Hockey Together

It would be a bigger deal if this were, like, baseball or something.

Does anyone remember hockey?

Does anyone remember hockey?

You’ve got to kind of feel bad for hockey as a sport. Nobody cares. I mean, a few people do, but not enough to get the games on network TV.

I remember when a dad I knew just had to get a color TV so he could tell the red line from the blue line when he watched the NHL. Sure, that was a long time ago. But almost every other sport has grown in popularity since then. Football, baseball, basketball. Even cycling. I bet more people watch the Tour de France than watch the Stanley Cup. Although I bet that, in a fight, you’d rather have the Stanley Cup than a bicycle. Have you ever tried to swing a bicycle around?

I also bet that if there were a league where two people fought using strange objects as weapons, that would be more popular than pro hockey.

But I digress. In this case, a father and son played together for a minute or so, on the same ice. It’s a cool thing. It’s just too bad it happened in a sport no one cares about.

Source: Father & son play in Muskegon Lumberjacks game – USATODAY.com

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