April 14, 2009

DadNews Daily – Get Off The Facebook Dude

Wherein we mock Canada. Gently. Like lovers do.

Why? Because Canadians are funny.

Why? Because Canadians are funny.

Canada is fun. And by fun I mean odd. Brendan Bishop has a serious head injury — or so he says. A judge wants to check his computer and see how much time he spends on Facebook between 11pm and 5am. What will that show, exactly? Well, that maybe the reason he’s tired isn’t a brain injury. He might just be throwing zombies at at his Facebook buddies. (Canada.com)

Taxpayers using refunds to pay bills. Which is what they should have been doing all along. Except that they weren’t. (AP via Yahoo)

Big-time liberal smartypants Paul Krugman says that “Republicans have become embarrassing to watch.” Have become? (HuffPo via Yahoo)

Two more from Canada:

The fastest car in the world. I mean, they’re Canadians, so perhaps it’s not true. But I think it is. The Maxximus G-Force goes from zero to 60 in just over 2 seconds and has 1600 horses under the hood. Yowza.

A mountie resigned after they found weed in his wallet. How dumb do you have to be to keep weed in your wallet when you work in law enforcement? Maybe he figured no one would care because he was just a mountie? Could he be that stupid?

(Editor’s note: we have nothing against Canada. But they are fun to make fun of. I mean, this is the country that created Pizza-ghetti. ‘Nuff said, right?)

Tomorrow we promise not to make fun of Canada. We’ll find something else to talk aboot.

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