April 15, 2009

DadNews Daily – Taxes And Tea Bags

Pirates and taxes and tea bags — oh my!

The worst thing these pirates did was make an annoying movie.

The worst thing these pirates did was make an annoying movie.

You know those pirates? The ones that aren’t funny? They attacked ANOTHER ship. I am so not leaving the house. (CBS12.com)

A quick Google search shows that this isn’t a new phenomenon. Back in December of 2008, Somali pirates attacked a cruise ship going from Rome to Singapore, according to Fox News. (And yes, they make stuff up all the time, but not stuff like this.)

Speaking of Fox News and the lunatics who love them, here’s some video of Rush Limbaugh and some conservative commentator named Andrea Tantaros (who is pleasant to look at, if not to listen to) talking about these Tea Parties. Limboring is trying to tell us that the Department of Homeland Security is releasing a report today to dampen the impact of these so-called Parties (which some are calling teabagging, proving that Repugs are amazingly tone-deaf). Riiight. It’s true that there hasn’t been a frontpage story in the New York Times about this so-called movement. Maybe because it’s not that popular? Just asking. Tantaros complains that the Obama Administration is trying to stifle free speech by issuing a report about an increase in right-wing extremism. “Will they have  spies at the tea parties?” she asks. You mean like the wiretaps used by the previous administration? Oh, well. That was to fight terrorism. Enemies of our country. As in people who want to overthrow the government? Right. You mean people like those who are attending these tea parties? No, it’s nothing like that all. Completely different. Moving on… (CrooksAndLiars.com)

Al Franken won! Coleman might appeal! This could go the Supreme Court! This whole thing would be unbelievable if it weren’t true. Republicans want Coleman to “fight on” after a Minnesota court declared Franken the winner. I know it’s a cliche but I’d be willing to bet that many of these same individuals told Al Gore to stop whining during the 2000 election. The Star Tribune has a great video where they interview people about this (Minnesotans seem to make an effort to be nice, which is always fun to watch). Lots of great comments as well, most of which seem to be asking Coleman to cut it out, even some who say that they voted for him. It’s been over five months. This ain’t Cuba. C’mon, guys, let’s move on. (StarTribune.com)

Casey Anthony’s defense team says that the prosecution is seeking the death penalty to “scare her.” Maybe. But they’re also seeking the death penalty because the law allows them to, and because they think it’s warranted in this case. I know, I’m such a pill. (CBS12.com)

Oh, and fat people might be paying more to fly. See, that’s not right. Then again, what if they take up more than one seat? Should I have to be more uncomfortable because of them? I’m tall and would love an extra seat to stretch my legs. (Actually, just some extra room so that my knees aren’t in my chest would be lovely.) But if I want an extra seat, I have to pay for it. (I don’t do that, by the way, it’s too expensive.) OK, so the overweight person has no choice. They can’t fit in one seat. And? This is a tougher issue than it seems.

More tomorrow. Pay your taxes! And drink a cup of tea, it’s good for you.

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