April 16, 2009

DadNews Daily – Cliff Clavin, Conservative?

John Ratzenberger shows up at a tea party, and Sarah Palin gets back to work. Oh, and Obama makes America want to get high. Read it all, people.

Cliff a Conservative?

Cliff a Conservative?

Sarah. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Did you think it would be easy? Did you think you would win the election in November? The Times says it hasn’t been so easy for Mme. Palin to get back to the drudgery of being Governor of Alaska. Also: it’s really cold there. Not sure if you knew that. (New York Times)

As if people in the third world didn’t have enough to worry about, now the soot from their stoves is a climate issue. Leave these people alone, will ya? (New York Times)

Top story at FoxNews.com – how much scratch President Obama made. Funny, I don’t recall them reporting how much Dick Cheney made from his so-called “blind trust” while he was in office. (FoxNews.com)

Wow. Fox News is fun. Where else can you find out that the Governor of Texas is considering seceding from the United States? (Fox News)

OK, one more: John Ratzenberger joined one of these Tea Parties that only Fox News gives a crap about. Dude. Cliff Clavin, a conservative? Oh well.

And finally, everybody wants to get stoned. This is news? Sort of. MSNBC says that medical marijuana requests are through the roof. “Dispensary owners report 50 to 300 percent rise since Obama took office.” This is the liberal media that Fox is always screaming about? What kind of statement is that? Obama’s election is causing more people to smoke dope? Sodom and Gomorrah people! HEAD FOR ZE HILLS!!!! (MSNBC)

That’s all for today. Watch out for all those stoned Democrats. They can be very dangerous.

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