April 20, 2009

Ben Affleck Just Like Most Dads

I don’t have daughters, but if I did, I can guarantee you that I would be just like Ben Affleck.

By that I mean I’d be a movie star.

OK, that’s not what I mean. I mean I wouldn’t be able to do my daughter’s hair.hairbrush

Why not? What’s so hard? I have no idea. First of all, I don’t have hair anymore. But even when I did, I paid very little attention to it. I brushed it, and in middle school I even used mousse (that was the thing to do in the 80’s). But pigtails? Braids? Clippies??? Please.

So in this case, the stars are like us. Well, one of them is. In this one instance. Close enough.

Source: Ben Affleck Suffers Same Fate As Dads of Daughters Everywhere – Strollerderby

Image: Amazon