April 20, 2009

DadNews Daily – Zac Efron Beats Miley Cyrus

No, not an actual beating. That would be news, though. It would be wrong. But it would be news.

Miley Ray Cyrus Hannah Montana Stewart Lipschutz

I mean at the box office. Zac Efron’s movie, which looks only slightly less irritating than Miley Ray Cyrus Hannah Montana Stewart Lipschutz’s movie, sold $24 million in tickets. So Miley’s movie was second, right? WRONG! It was fourth, according to BoxOfficeMojo, with $12,666,000. The 666 is because SHE IS THE DEVIL!!! OK, OK, she’s not actually the devil. But she is annoying. Also annoying is the way that the media seems desperate to make it sound like this stupid flick is a hit. “Last weekend’s top grosser, Hannah Montana The Movie, wasn’t far behind with an estimated $12.7 million. It was down a sharp 61 percent but nonetheless held up better than Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour and has made more through the same point with $56.1 million in ten days.” That sounds awfully apologetic to me. But ‘The Watchmen‘ was a flop despite making more money. Feh. (BoxOfficeMojo)

It’s been a year since Eliot Spitzer admitted that he had been seeing a hooker. That went quick. (MyFoxNY)

This guy was waterboarded almost 200 times by the CIA. Nice. At some point, is it fair to say that maybe he doesn’t know anything? On the other hand, should the CIA be able to do whatever they need to do in order to get information from a terrorist? But was he found guilty yet? Who knows. This sounds like excessive torture to me, though. (MSNBC)

Finally, here’s a job you don’t want: sorting the President’s mail. The Times says that Mike Kelleher, the director of the White House Office of Correspondence, picks 10 letter a day to give to President Obama. Designed to offer a sampling of what Americans are thinking, the letters are read by the president, and he sometimes answers them by hand, in black ink on azure paper. “We pick messages that are compelling, things people say that, when you read it, you get a chill,” said Mr. Kelleher, 47. “I send him letters that are uncomfortable messages.” Well now we know how to get the Prez’s attention! Expect to get a lot more notes scrawled in lipstick on a cocktail napkin, Mikey. (New York Times)

Tomorrow: NO MORE MILEY. We promise.