April 20, 2009

Weekly Stack – 4-22-09

This is one of those weeks where, as I’m making the list, I say, “Another light week. That’s strange. The last couple of weeks were light as well.” Then I get the total and I say, “Huh? Can I cut anything? Oh. Well… yeah. No. Shoot.”

Batman RIPDad’s stack:

Batman Battle For The Cowl Arkham Asylum #1: blah blah, Batman RIP, yeah yeah.
Detective Comics #853 (Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader Part 2): Part 1 of this was a little bit disappointing.
Justice League Of America Vol 2 #32: this has fallen off a bit. Might need to give it the heave-ho.
Outsiders Vol 4 #17
American McGees Grimm #1: Credit Comic Shop News with enticing me to pick this up. If I recall correctly, its a bit of a superhero parody thing. Sounded fun.
Star Trek Alien Spotlight Klingons: I’m a sucker for these new Trek books, as long as its the original series. Other characters, Next Generation, blah blah, I don’t care. Kirk. Spock. McCoy. Uhura. That’s what I want.
Avengers The Initiative #23
Dark Reign Elektra #2: Issue #1 was surprisingly good.
Ghost Rider Vol 5 #34: this has also fallen apart a little bit after a strong start. Too much quasi-religious goop. And the idea of Ghost Riders all over the world gets annoying if it isn’t handled correctly.
Hulk Vol 2 #11 Regular Defenders Cover: I went with the Defenders cover rather than the “Offenders” cover. Yes. That’s what they’re calling a “team” of supervillians. I’ve been enjoying Hulk somewhat against my better instincts, but they may have pushed their luck too far recently. Too much of the same crap over and over again.
Incredible Hercules #128
Marvels Eye Of The Camera #5 Black & White Version: I like this series a lot. Regular people with supes in the background. It’s about a news photographer, with a lot of the “ink-stained wretches” that comic books use so well. Ben Urich fans should seek this out.
New Avengers #52
Thor Vol 3 #601
Kick-Ass #6: over-rated but entertaining.

Son’s stack:

Batman The Brave And The Bold #4: hopefully this will tide my son over until they release new episodes of the TV show.
Wolverine First Class #14: hadn’t been buying this but the X-Men First Class series was a big hit with the kid. Figured I’d give this one a try.
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #47

18 books total

Image: Amazon

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