April 21, 2009

DadNews Daily – McDonalds Arches Crush People

This is just odd:

Russell and Carolyn Janke were injured when the iconic symbol toppled on their car.
The couple were knocked unconscious and suffered multiple injuries as they sat in the car park outside McDonald’s on the Navajo Nation reservation in Window Rock, in the US.

Police are calling it a “freak accident.” I should hope so! (Metro.co.uk via Buzzfeed)

Also from Metro.co.uk, even though its about Miss USA, is this video of Miss California telling us that she thinks gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married. She also says that they are allowed to get married here in the U.S. of A. Except that they aren’t.

Meghan McCainHow did Meghan McCain become the standard bearer for the Republicans? She’s not, but she does seem to have become a leader for some faction of the GOP. Johnny’s little girl told a group of Log Cabin Republicans that Old School” Republicans Are “Scared Shitless”, according to Huffington Post. Apparently Meghan has “quickly become something of an iconic figure in the gay conservative community since the end of the election.” Wow. Just kind of… wow.

From the Christian Science Monitor: “Bank of America makes money and the stock market … dives?” Man. Peoples can’t get a break these days.

See? No mention of Miley. We don’t lie. Well, not often.