April 24, 2009

DadNews Daily – Swine Flu Outbreak, Oink Oink

Lots going on today, including SWINE FLU!

Unlike regular flu, swine flu isn’t something you can fix with Tylenol and chicken soup. (Actually, I wonder if chicken soup could help with swine flu. If that were the case, could pig soup help with bird flu? Don’t take medical advice from me, please.) Rather than blaming Canada, this time some are trying to blame… Mexico. (Investigators in swine flu outbreak look to Mexico – CNN.com)

Miss Universe Australia is… too skinny! Some doctors say that leading finalist Stephanie Naumoska is “skin and bones” and “dangerously malnourished.” Sure, but isn’t better to look good… than to feel good? Besides, if we can have a Miss California who isn’t any smarter than a 1st grader, Ms. Naumoska can be overly thin. Stephanie. If you need a shoulder to cry on… give me a call, OK?  (Retuers) The paegent is supposedly promoting “healthy, proportioned, bodies.” Riiiight.

Lots of tweeting going on about Mount Redoubt in Alaska. It’s a volcano. The kind that Sarah Palin and other Republicans said they didn’t need funding to study. Sure, UNTIL IT BLOWS UP! Feh. (CNN)

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