April 27, 2009

What The Craigslist Killer Is Wearing In Prison

Philip Markoff, the so-called Craigslist Killer, is in prison and on suicide watch.

This is what they make him wear.

Apparently, to keep prisoners from killing themselves, they make them wear these… smocks. I like that the models on the company’s website look like they’re about to drink a bottle of Drano.

The outfits are vaguely reminiscent of Blackwolf The Dragonmaster, although I think these smocks look a little cleaner than his.

Also of interest is the guarantee: “If you are dissatisfied with a product made by Ferguson, simply return it for a full refund.” So if someone did manage to off themselves while wearing this… smock, you can get your money back? Sweet.

Not to make light of this topic, of course. That would be uncouth.

Source: New York Daily News

Images: PreventSuicide.com

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