April 29, 2009

Sanitizing the Children

Now that we are in the midst of a swine flu panic, I’ve been sanitizing the kids’ hands with au naturale sanitizer, CleanWell.Can’t be too careful, right?

CleanWell - sanitize the kids

I’ve been using Purell for a long time and I like to think it helps, particularly after changing one of those Very Special Diapers. But I never felt completely comfortable putting it on the children. After reading this SuperEco article (Swine flu update: protect yourself naturally), I decided to pick up some CleanWell. So far the main differences between CleanWell and Purell are:

– CleanWell has a stronger scent: it’s a “natural” scent, but a stronger one. It does fade quickly, though.

– CleanWell feels less goopy: the spray version that I have goes on lightly. With Purell, I always felt like I wasn’t using enough, which led to overuse. Even just a little bit feels kind of goopy, for lack of a better word. CleanWell seems to have a more subtle touch.

– In my mind, CleanWell is healthier: I really have no idea if either product works. It’s not like I have a microscope at home. But if I’m going to use something, especially on the kids, better to use something less chemical, right?

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