May 5, 2009

Surcharge on Bigger Bras is Wrong

Those Brits. Always making trouble. This time it’s the famous department store Marks & Spencer. They’re charging extra money for DD+ bras.

Beckie Williams is challenging the big bra surcharge at Marks & Spencer.Before I say anything else, I want to point out that we at DaddyTips feel very strongly that women with large breasts should be rewarded, not penalized. If anything, they should pay less for their bras. Unless paying more means that they won’t wear bras at all. Heh heh.

Now. To be fair to M&S, this isn’t a new thing. I have rather large feet (size 14) and any shoe larger than size 12 costs more money. After years of owning socks that were too small, I finally managed to find some that were big enough. You know what? They cost more.

This isn’t to say that I think it’s right. Odds are my kids will grow up to be big, which means they’ll have to pay more for their footwear. It’s annoying. I have a hard time believing that the extra inch or two of fabric really translates into a higher priced sock.

Which brings us back to the bras. The ladies (and the lads who love them) have set up a Facebook group called Busts 4 Justice, cleverly adorned with a photo of Lynda Carter in her full-breasted ‘Wonder Woman‘ glory. From the page: “Britain boasts of its fairness, and M&S boasts of it’s absolute Britishness. Busts 4 Justice argue that the price equality that rules our outer-garments should apply to our undergarments too.”

Is this a major issue? Well, not for me, at least not directly. But it’s certainly an issue where it’s easy to pick a side. I’m with the ladies.

Bra wars! Marks & Spencer faces revolt over £2 surcharge on DD-cup underwear | Mail Online.

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