May 7, 2009

Jon Gosselin Sex Tape?

This could be interesting. If it’s true.

So. How much would you pay for a tape of Jon Gosselin and Deanna Hummel making the beast with two backs? (For those of you who didn’t waste their time getting a liberal arts degree, that means having sex.)

Jon & Kate Plus 8Someone claiming to be an ex-boyfriend of Deanna Hummel, the woman Jon Gosselin is supposedly having an affair with, says that he has a tape of Deanna and Jon gettin’ it on. He has some snaps from the video (NSFW) on his site; the link is below. Amusingly, his URL is Yes, the alleged other woman in the Gosselin’s life did not think to purchase her own name as a domain. Oops.

Anyway, I’d be surprised if the tape the dude is shopping is real. If it is, it appears that Jon likes it doggy-style. Bow wow wow, yippee yo, yippee yay

NSFW link below. Whoever is in the tape, they seem to be having fun. Good for them.

Deanna Hummel Sex Tape Scandal | Boyfriend Secret Video | Jon and Kate Gosselin Girlfriend (NSFW)

image: Amazon

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