May 11, 2009

5 Dollars Off Bob The Builder Live

With this offer you can get Bob The Builder – LIVE tickets for less money.

Bob the Builder - Bob's Favorite Adventures (DVD)Look at it this way. If you have to go (and you don’t, but you may feel like you do to satisfy your children) shouldn’t it cost as little as possible? Money-wise, that is. Your immortal soul, the hours of your life, that we can’t help you with.

Bob, like everyone else these days, is “going green.” To be fair to Bob, he’s always been pretty green. Vegetable gardens, recycling, that sort of thing. Spud, on the other hand, is a nudnik. But that’s another topic.

May 30-31 at Beacon Theatre
Use promo code: BUILDGREEN
Valid Dates: Mar 23 – May 31

Promotions – Madison Square Garden, New York City – MSG.


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