May 11, 2009

Fox Anchor Says Barney Frank Is a Catcher

You know. A catcher. As in a back-door man. A bottom, if you will. Do I have to keep going with this?

Huffington Post goes with the obvious hypocrisy of Fox News (this particular Barney Frank jibe was on the less-watched Fox Business Channel), since the network complained about the inappropriateness of “teabagging” jokes and then makes a (fairly lame) gay joke. But (no pun intended) I’ll go with a different angle. Fox is supposedly a news outlet. It’s one thing for a comedian (say, Wanda Sykes, whom Fox News is ripping for her performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner) to make a joke that’s potentially offensive. It’s another for a channel that claims to be a news outlet to do it. It’s a cheap joke that isn’t even particularly funny, but the real problem is that this is a place where people actually think they’re getting news.

Fox Anchor Makes Barney Frank-Themed Gay Sex Joke (After Criticizing ‘Tea Bag’ Humor) (Huffington Post)

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