July 26, 2009

DadNews Daily July 26, 2009

Newspaper Boxes in Florida

  • GM is pulling their sponsorship of the Buick Open. This is a big deal for the PGA Tour. If I cared more about golf, this would bother me. (ESPN)
  • Michael Jackson may have some other son as a result of a one-night stand. The least believable part of this story is the part about Michael Jackson having a one-night stand with a woman. Sorry about that. The Sun has video of the kid, Omer Bhatt, who at 25 years old isn’t a kid anymore. They say he has an “uncanny resemblance” to Michael Jackson. The fact that he’s moonwalking while wearing a costume and hairstyle that is remniscent of Jackson helps the uncaniness. If this is all a money grab, I’d say it’s quite canny, actually. (The Sun)
  • A father in Iran was arrested for mourning his son, who was shot during a riot in Tehran. Awful. (L.A. Times)