November 25, 2009

Superman as a Deadbeat Dad

“Superman Returns” was a lousy movie. I didn’t much care for it. But the person who posted this clip to YouTube really really REALLY hated it.

Like, really. A lot.

Read (many, many misspellings follow):

Bryan Singers aweful “Singerman Repugnant” is a disgracful presentation of possiblely the most celebrated fictional character known to the world. His horrible casting of Lois Lane as a common whore who would have sex with two men so close in time intervals that she would not realize that the baby she had was not the child of the second man. Not even that is the main charcteristic flaw. Lois Lane was always depicted as a woman of such strong character that Superman was the only man of equally strong person that she could ever love.

Wow. But there’s more:

Brayn Singers Lois Lane is a common whore and his Superman is a weak image of a man whom would be licking a womans boots begging for attention if not for his powers.

“Lois Lane is a common whore.” How dare you, sir!

The video has even more in the way of embedded commentary. Check it out.

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Source: YouTube

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