December 21, 2009

Michael Lohan Still Talking About Famous Daughter

Can Michael Lohan stop talking? I mean that literally. It appears that he has Lindsay Lohan Tourette Syndrome. He really just canNOT shut up about his daughter.

This time it’s the fact that Lindsay has been hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio. But they’re not dating or anything. Just spending time together. Oh! And she’s been hanging around other famous dudes too!

“They have been friends for years. Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio and a few others – I think they have a lot of positive things to offer.”

He’s such a shithead. What possible good can come of all this yammering? Well, good for Lindsay Lohan. Michael Lohan, it keeps his name out there, which seems to be what he cares about.

Leo DiCaprio a good influence on Lilo, says her father – Monsters and Critics

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