December 23, 2009

Tiger Woods Marriage Search

When searching for “Tiger Woods marriage” I got this article from AskMen called “The After-Effects Of Marriage.” The author, Curt Smith, says the following to a reader who wonders if he made the right decision when he married his wife because she has put on a lot of weight and stopped giving him oral sex.

Let me put it another way: the “chick” you met at the local bookstore becomes a completely different person when she is your girlfriend, the girlfriend becomes a completely different person when she is your fianc, and the fianc becomes the complete opposite once she is your wife. Still don’t understand? Ludwig Borne put it best when he said, “A sweetheart is milk, a bride is butter and a wife is cheese.”

Smith does add the following disclaimer:

Now before everyone sends hate mail and death threats, let me add that my theory applies to both genders. To a woman a boyfriend is like wine, a groom is like cocktails and a husband is like flat beer.

It’s good that there is advice like this out there. Men really need help being more immature than they already are.

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