January 6, 2010

Wes Welker’s Dad Speaks For Him

I’m a Wes Welker fan; he was on my fantasy team this year, and always seemed like a decent enough guy. (That is, he wasn’t pulling guns on people like Gilbert Arenas. I know, different sport.) And it certainly sucked for him (and the Patriots) that he blew out his leg in the Week 17 game. But I always find it interesting when a player’s dad speaks for him.

“Not too good,” Welker's dad, Leland, told the Boston Globe. “We're sick. We're absolutely sick. We take all those hits and stuff all season long. And then just one fluke cut, and he just blows it out.”

Maybe this is because I can’t imagine my dad doing something like, and not only because he’s dead and I never played sports. Even if that’s it, it seems odd that a professional athlete would have his father speaking for him. It happens more often than you might think. Phil Simms did it for his son Chris, although that was a little different since Phil actually played football and is on TV as an analyst. Rex Grossman’s dad was yakking when his boy was about to get spanked in the Super Bowl. It’s one thing when the player is in high school or even college, but by the time he’s a pro, one would think dad isn’t in the picture quite as much. But he is.

via Wes Welker Carted Off With Knee Injury — NFL FanHouse

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