June 2, 2010

Non Kiddie CD Player Good for Kids? [DaddyShop]

Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM FM Tuner ZSE5RED

The Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM/FM Tuner is a non-kiddie CD player that may be good for kids.

I was looking for a kiddie CD player and went to BestBuy. They had the Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM/FM Tuner (ZSE5RED) on display, but not in stock. (This is because I found the one I wanted, which is never in stock.) The other CD players were either too expensive or seemed too cheaply made to withstand my kid, who can break anything. (Including the internal power supply on a desktop computer. Without opening the case. Seriously. I’ll tell you about it sometime.)

I looked for a kiddie CD player, but soon realized that CD players, even those made specifically for children, are getting more and more scarce. Why? Because everything is MP3, bay-bee. I mean, your 6-year-old has their own iPod, right? Amirite?

Well, my kid doesn’t have an iPod, and he broke both of the old CD players I’ve given him the past couple of years, so it was time for something new. I wanted something that would be easy to use and would hopefully withstand the rigors of Destructo The Magnificent. Despite the fact that it is not, technically, a kiddie electronic device, the Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM/FM Tuner (ZSE5RED) appears to fit the bill. It’s big and colorful and seems well-made. At $38.94, it’s a little more than I’d like to spend, but the cheaper options are so cheap as to be D.O.A. (Including the morceau de merde that we bought at Target which was broken even before Destructo got his adorable, if destructive, hands on it.)

Anyway, I haven’t bought the Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM/FM Tuner yet, but I’m going to because it appears to be the type of CD player that is good for kids even though it was made for adults. In theory. Will keep you posted.

Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM/FM Tuner (Red) at Amazon.com

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