June 3, 2010

Brett Singer Live Friday June 4 at 12pm [Radio]

Brett Singer Live

I brought my show back on Friday May 21, and now the Brett Singer Live radio show is in its third week of brought backedness. Or something like that.

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On the agenda: Gary Coleman, Rod Blagojevich, James Cameron and Kevin Costner – none of them will be my guests, but I’ll talk about them all. And remember the episode of Diff’rent Strokes where Arnold wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah, but Milton Berle told him how tough it was to be a Jew? No? I do.

Plus my musical tribute to the late great Gary Coleman. I feel bad for the guy. Seriously. Tune in to Brett Singer Live on Friday June 4 on BlogTalkRadio at 12pm EST to hear why.

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