December 22, 2010

Michael Lohan Defends Daughter Lindsay [But He Should Just Shut Up]

Michael Lohan is speaking out about the accusations that his daughter Lindsay assaulted someone at rehab.

This is not a surprise. And it’s nice that he’s supporting his daughter. It is.

Here’s what I wonder, though. Why say anything at all? Is there a point when you decide that you have to speak to the press about your life and the lives of your children, and once you’ve made that decision, there’s no turning back?

Look at someone like Howard Stern. He makes his living talking. (Unlike Michael Lohan, who must make a living somehow, but we don’t know what he does.) He seems able to restrain himself from talking about his children’s private lives, and he almost never mentions his ex-wife Alison. (I imagine this was part of their divorce agreement, although I don’t know this for a fact.)

That’s only one of the many differences between Michael Lohan and Howard Stern, of course. The main one is that Howard is incredibly talented and is the most successful radio personality of all time, arguably the most successful media personality of all time. (Go ahead. Debate me on this topic. You will lose.)

Back to père Lohan. If I were talking to him, I would ask the following:

Dude. What’s up with the press conferences? The talk show appearances? Did it ever occur to you that maybe you should just be there for your daughter? What’s that? You don’t know what to say to reporters when they bombard you with questions? Here’s an idea. Are you ready? You might want to write this down. Got a pen? Okay. Here you go:

“No comment.”

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