December 25, 2010

Should True Christians Ditch The Tree?

First of all, Merry Christmas.

I say that as someone who does not, in fact, celebrate Christmas, at least not religiously. I have never been to Midnight Mass. I did, however, believe in Santa Claus until I was six years old, despite being Jewish.

Which brings me to this well-written opinion piece in the Green Bay Press Gazette: First Amendment column: Separate sacred, secular to end Christmas wars. Read the whole thing, it’s worth it.

Part of the essay points out that the “War on Christmas” is a load of crap. Here’s a key sentence for those who prefer to peruse:

So, why would faithful Christians insist on labeling the annual national blowout “Christmas”? Calling it “holiday” (though it’s clearly no “holy day”) doesn’t take Christ out of Christmas — it could help give Christ back to Christians.

See, shopping and trees have nothing to do with religion. They don’t. Really. Santa Claus isn’t in the Bible. “As Jon Stewart quipped, the bearded guy they’re defending is the wrong bearded guy.”

I enjoy Christmas — the parts that have nothing to do Christ. No offense meant, I respect all religions (I really do — ask me sometime). I happen not to be a Church-goer, so it’s not my thing. But Christmas trees? Sure. Christmas music? Love it. And I’m fine with anyone who wants to go to Church and also have a tree. But when someone starts with the “War on Christmas” garbage, it makes me nuts. How many businesses are closed on Hanukkah by government mandate? How many? Hm? Oh. That’s right. NONE. And how many Hanukkah specials are there on TV? Um… can’t think of any. So let’s be clear — there is no War on Christmas. At all.

There’s nothing wrong with believing in Jesus. There’s also nothing wrong with NOT believing in Jesus. (Ouch! Lightning bolt! Stop that!) There is something wrong with pretending that shopping is a religious experience. So let’s keep the peace on Earth, good will towards men, heck, keep Santa Claus. Just don’t try to tell me that Jolly Old Saint Nick is one of the Apostles. Because he’s not.

To sum up: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and read Charles C. Haynes essay.

First Amendment column: Separate sacred, secular to end Christmas wars [Green Bay Press Gazette]

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