January 2, 2011

Father And Son Quarterbacks

Manning: A Father, His Sons and a Football Legacy

From the Sunday night NBC NFL game, here are some Father and Son Quarterback combos.

  • Archie Manning begat Peyton Manning and Eli Manning: Archie played for the Saints when they were the Aints. Eli and Peyton have one Superbowl ring per kid. Not bad.
  • Jack Kemp begat Jeff Kemp: Jack Kemp had a nice football career, and then moved on to politics. Jeff Kemp had a less exciting NFL career, and now seems to be involved in something called Stronger Families, where he does a one-minute daily radio show. Dad did better.
  • Bob Griese begat Brian Griese: Bob Griese was part of that annoying undefeated Miami Dolphins team in the early 70’s. Brian Griese did OK in college. More info here if you care. Also check out my immortal song parody Give Griese a Chance.You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
  • Phil Simms begat Chris Simms: Phil Simms was a great New York Giants quarterback. Chris Simms turned down a big contract with the Tampa Bay Bucs because he thought he could do better elsewhere, then got hurt, and was recently arrested for pot possession. Now he’s a backup. Advantage, dad.
  • David Whitehurst begat Charlie Whitehurst: David Whitehurst had a not so spectacular NFL career, and now his son Charlie is the #2 QB for the Seahawks. However, he’s starting tonight, which is why we’re talking about father and son quarterbacks. There are a lot more father-son players, and even coaches, including Shanahan and Son.

Me, I’m working on my own father-son NFL fan combo. Making some nice progress.

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