March 11, 2011

MIMOBOTs St. Patty’s Week Sale

What is a Mimobot? It’s a flash drive, which most kids use in school these days. (These kids today. When I was their age, I had a TRS-80 with 16k of RAM and the only external storage was a cassette tape drive. And we liked it! Dagnabit.) What makes Mimobots different from the average flash drive is that they come in cool shapes, like Star Wars. So if your kid has to use a flash drive for school purposes, why not let ’em use one shaped like R2D2?

I’ve written about Mimobots over at AOL ParentDish, putting them on my list of the Best Gifts of 2009 for Teens and made the Batman Mimobot one of my Top 10 Tech Toys from this year’s Toy Fair. There’s a sale going on at; 20% off on green flash drives, 50% off on “select stuff we like.” 50% off is the kind of deal I like too. Check out the sale here.

MIMOBOTs St. Patty’s Week Sale!

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