April 27, 2011

Kim Cattrall On Men [Divorce Sucks]

Kim Cattrall photo from 1999
The ever-lovely Kim Cattrall was on the Howard Stern Show today to promote the film Meet Monica Velour, in which she plays an adult film star named Linda Romanoli. Apparently Brian Dennehy, who plays a character called Pop Pop, gets naked, but Kim does not. This is unfortunate. But the reason I’m writing about Ms. Cattrall’s interview with Howard Stern today is to discuss what she said about men.
I tweeted about it when I heard the interview; here it is in case you missed it.
@KimCattrall to @HowardStern about men: as you get older, they’re all either damaged or married. @sternshow
So how does this relate to divorce? According to Wikipedia (and her interview today on the Stern Show), Kim Cattrall has been divorced three times. One was annulled (when Howard asked her if the problem was sexual, she paused and said something about him being “Canadian”, which was both funny and didn’t answer the question directly, something that only made me dig her more… sorry, got distracted), the other two ended in divorce. Because she is not married, Kim Cattrall is, at the age of 54 (damn she looks good! Seriously, 54? What a dish, to use an old-fashioned phrase… OK, OK, sorry, got distracted again), single. When Howard asked her about men, she replied that the men she met were all “damaged or married.” Howard pointed out that he was both. (As am I, for what it’s worth. Howard’s more successful though.)
The bottom line here is that divorce sucks. We say don’t get divorced. I understand that sometimes things happen. Of course they do. Life is hard to live, people are annoying, living with people is annoying. I’m annoying. Trust me on this one — I am both wonderful and a total pain in the ass. Rarely at the same time, but it’s been known to happen.
Marriage is hard. Really hard. It gets even harder when you have kids. I imagine that it’s even more difficult if you are as gorgeous as Kim Cattrall and always have options. Still, according to her, being single at her age is not so easy. And she’s Kim Cattrall.
So if you are married, do what you can to stay married. If it doesn’t work, hey, it happens. No need to beat yourself up. Just don’t walk away without knowing that you did everything you could to fix it.
Here’s the trailer for Meet Monica Velour, which I’m considering going to see after hearing Kim Cattrall discuss it so passionately on the Howard Stern Show today. According to Howard, she emailed him to say she HAD to come on the show immediately to promote the film because they had no money for advertising. Howard of course said yes (wouldn’t you?). The New York Times called it “a teen-geek fantasy but its execution is unexpectedly mature,” which is sort like saying it’s good. I haven’t seen it, if I do I’ll let you know what I think.
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Kim Cattrall photo by Alan Light via Wikimedia Commons.
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