May 3, 2011

Franken Toys 2-Headed Ernie

Franken Toys 2-headed Ernie

Ever wonder what Ernie from Sesame Street would look like if he had two heads? Wonder no more! Here is Franken Toys 2-Headed Ernie, which sells under the name Rubadub Ducky.

We’re assuming this isn’t something you would buy for a child. Maybe a child of Charles Manson. But only if Chuck was actually raising the kid and you were already without hope. Then again, maybe your kids aren’t creeped out by this sort of thing. Of course, at $75, this is probably more of an adult collectible.

Can’t look… can’t look away…

Get Franken Toys Rubadub Ducky, aka 2-Headed Ernie, and other wacky Toy Island of Dr. Moreau creations at Etsy.

Look At This! Franken Toys’ Double Headed Ernie | Complex (via LaughingSquid)