May 5, 2011

Thomas Casino Parody Is Brilliant [NSFW]

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YouTube is a fickle beast. It has created a forum for some truly awful videos. But every now and then it allows for some brilliant work. This Thomas The Tank Engine parody using audio from the film Casino is awesome. Not safe for work, and not safe for little kids (unless you don’t mind them hearing the f-word 84 times in 2 minutes).Here’s the full 2 minute video. (Not work or kid safe.)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

If you don’t trust me that it’s worth watching, imagine this image:

Thomas The Tank Engine parody, audio from Casino

with Joe Pesci’s voice.

Still don’t believe me? (Remember: not safe for work.) Skip ahead to that part. Then come back here and watch the whole effin’ thing. A’ight?

YouTube – Thomas/Casino Parody