May 20, 2011

Schwarzenegger Movie Career On Hold

Schwarzenegger True Lies DVD

Looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal has claimed a victim — Schwarzenegger himself, or at least his movie career. TheWrap reports that Arnold’s movie plans are on hold. For now, they say. I’m guessing “now” could be “a long time”, but who knows.

I still get a dead-tree newspaper delivered to my home, and sometimes I don’t get around to reading it until the next day (or the next month — I need to do some cleaning). So it was just this morning that I read this New York Times story about a film called “Cry Macho”, that was supposedly going to start filming in August. The producer was busy selling the rights at the Cannes film festival, all excited, and now… nope. No movie. Sorry.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Acting Projects on Hold [TheWrap]

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