June 2, 2011

DaddyTips Thursday Link Roundup [Show and Tell]

Worthington Super Links

More links to stuff we’re reading — it’s the DaddyTips Link Roundup! Yee-ha! (Just felt like saying that.)

  • If it’s something you agree with, it’s entertainment. If not, it’s indoctrination. Got it? We know you would. [Elmo is Indoctrinating My Toddler, The Stir]
  • Grandma got convicted of file-sharing and must undergo cognitive behavioral therapy. First she gets run over by a reindeer, now this? Poor Grandma. [“Karaoke Grandma’s” Criminal Conviction: Could File-Sharing Be A Mental Illness?, ZDNet]
  • Peter Fonda said that he “encourages his grandchildren to take up arms against President Barack Obama“, according to the Telegraph. This happened last week and may constitute a threat to the President’s life, which is a crime, although it may not be if you say it in another country (Cannes is in France, right?). John Nolte (any relation to Nick?) writes at Andrew Breitbart’s BigHollywood that “the media” is giving Fonda a pass because the Easy Rider actor is “a famous Lefty, after all and therefore a member of the MSM’s protected class.” Or maybe nobody cares about him anymore. That seems more likely. [Daily Telegraph, BigHollywood]

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