June 14, 2011

For Father’s Day, How About Some Dad Video Game Time?

PS 3

ZDNet has a cute list of things to give your geeky dad this Father’s Day. I definitely fall into this category. I already have the Geek Dad book (highly recommended), and most of the things I actually want either haven’t been invented yet (flying car) or are too expensive (a Sonos streaming music setup and someone to set it all up for me so I don’t have to do it). One gift that costs nothing is time. Time to do what? Play video games, of course.

Item number 6 on ZDNet’s list is “For gamer dads, time alone to play”. (“Let dad play with himself” doesn’t sound right, especially in this post-Weiner world.) I don’t want to give my family the wrong idea. I’d like to spend the day with them, and I will appreciate any gift I receive. (Except for SuperDad Pajamas. Oh, and the yodeling pickle. That one I didn’t need. Sorry mom.) Still, the idea of unfettered access to my own video game system during daylight hours is not the worst thing you could do for dad this Father’s Day.

What geek dads REALLY want for Father’s Day: Six tips | ZDNet.

Playstation 3 image via Amazon

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