June 17, 2011

Father’s Day Link Roundup

Worthington Super Links

Father’s Day is Sunday. Here is the DaddyTips Father’s Day Link Roundup.

Chips Off the Old Blocks: Famous Dads and Their Costar Kids (Snakkle.com): Lots of interesting combos here, including Ryan and Tatum O’Neal who co-starred in the film “Paper Moon“. I’m listening right now to Howard Stern interviewing Tatum O’Neal. She comes across as more together than I expected. Lots of verrry personal info, though. I guess enough info is out there already — Tatum wrote “A Paper Life” in 2005, and just came out with a new one, “Found: A Daughter’s Journey Home“.  Maybe putting it all out there is therapeutic for her. I hope so. (Full disclosure: I recently wrote several articles for Snakkle.com.)

50 Kids Who Grew Up in the Shadows of Their Famous Fathers, Sports Legends (BleacherReport): Lots of interesting tidbits in this slideshow by Vin Getz, including this story about Michael Jordan’s son not being such a good basketball player. I can’t decide if that would suck or feel good. With my non-existent sports skills, this is something I’ll never have to worry about.

The 4 Most Potentially Badass Fathers Who Never Had Kids (Cracked): This one had me at the title. It’s a short list and interesting to think about. George Washington never had kids, nor did Nikola Tesla, who, according to Cracked senior writer Dan O’Brien, was working on a particle beam weapon called Teleforce when he died (O’Brien calls it a “death ray”.) The question posed by O’Brien about Tesla — “If he had passed on his brilliant mind to a son or daughter, and they used it to complete his work and research, can you imagine what would happen?” — is a good one, although there’s always the chance that Nikola Jr. could have been as adept at science as Michael Jordan’s son was at basketball.

Father And Son Quarterbacks (DaddyTips): Some, like the Mannings, you know about. Even if you’re not an NFL fan, Peyton Manning and his brother Eli Manning are superstars — each has won a Superbowl, and Peyton has done approximately 10 zillion commercials. (That’s just an estimate.) The odds of a dad producing not just one but two athletes who achieve top honors in the same sport? That’s a question only Mr. Spock could answer.