June 21, 2011

Weird Al Yankovic’s Alpocalypse $3.99 at Amazon [DaddyDeal]

Weird Al Alpocalypse at Amazon

DaddyDeal for today only — Alpocalypse, Weird Al Yankovic‘s latest.

The track listing is a tad disappointing. No Katy Perry? No Justin Bieber? In fact, about half of the tracks are “style parodies” rather than parodies of a specific song. This fits my theory (which is mine and mine alone) that it’s much tougher for Weird Al to do his thing these days.

Why? Because so much of today’s pop music is so goofy it’s already a parody. Want proof? Al does a parody of the song “Whatever You Like.” It’s called “Whatever You Like.”

Then there’s the fact that everybody, myself included, is making song parodies and putting them online. Are we as good as Weird Al? Usually not (although my Neil Young Spiderman parody is pretty damn good, ahem). But when I was a kid, there was Weird Al and that was it. Howard Stern and other radio folks would do the occasional song parody, but in terms of an actual album you could listen to, Weird Al pretty much had a monopoly.

Anyway, if you get to it today, you can get the Alpocalypse for only $3.99. Go for it.

Alpocalypse album cover (do we still call them albums? Collections of digital files?) via Amazon

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