July 5, 2011

Kim Kardashian Correct About Casey Anthony Case

The Case Against Casey Anthony Kindle Edition

It turns out Kim Kardashian was correct about the verdict of the Casey Anthony case. (Try saying “Kim Kardashian Correct About Casey Anthony Case” ten times fast. Seriously, try it. Betcha can’t.)

A few days ago I re-tweeted a story from CafeMom‘s The Stir. I admit that it was somewhat sarcastic.

Because when you want legal predictions, you go to Kim Kardashian. -> http://is.gd/xRhBwz via @The_Stir
However, it turns out that Kim was correct! (I want to type “korrect” but that wouldn’t be correct. Ouch. My head hurts.) Casey Anthony was indeed found not guilty of murder, as Ms. Kardashian predicted, although she (Ms. Anthony) was found guilty of lying to law enforcement officials. You can read about it at The Stir and Reuters if you want to know the specifics; I’m actually more than a little creeped out by the whole thing.
So perhaps Kim Kardashian is not such a bad person to go to for legal predictions. I stand korrected corrected.
The Case Against Casey Anthony, Crucial Questions The World Wants Answered cover via Amazon. This title is available on Kindle for those of you who need to read more about the Casey Anthony trial immediately. We have not read it and have no idea if it is worth reading.
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