August 22, 2011

Tip: Get Good Socks [DaddyTips]


Today’s DaddyTip — get good socks. Having good socks may not sound like it has anything to do with parenting. But it does.

Much like towels in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, socks are important.

Think about your feet. Really, really think about them. As parents, we are on our feet constantly. Life often requires that you go outside. Unless you live in Fiji or someplace with a similarly paradisiacal climate, you will need to wear shoes that actually protect your tootsies from the harsh realities of the world. (Water and grass in the country, water and dog poop in the city.) You spend a lot of time thinking about shoes. Most women I know have dozens of pairs of shoes. Even if you are not in danger of becoming the next Imelda Marcos, odds are you spend far more time shopping for shoes than you do socks.

But socks are important. I have size 14 feet. Extra wide. For years I wore socks that were too small. My feet were not happy.

One day I decided that enough was enough. I wanted happy feet!

I did some googling and discovered that to get socks in my size, I needed to look for socks that are typically used by diabetics to improve circulation. eBay is a remarkably good online source for these sorts of socks, as is Amazon. (Note: on eBay, make sure you are buying new socks from a trusted seller. You do NOT want someone else’s old socks. Because that is gross.)

Another good place to look are Big & Tall Man-type stores, especially outlets. I once bought about 20 pairs of socks from a place that was going out of business for a couple of bucks a pair. They weren’t the best socks ever, but they were inexpensive and the correct size.

What you put between your foot and your shoe is important. You are a parent. You spend a lot of time on your feet. You deserve good socks.

Buy some socks at Amazon (image is from there)

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