August 23, 2011

Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide [Tips]

You know that baby gear you use every day? The stuff your wife/significant other cares about and you don’t? You may be pronouncing the names wrong. So today’s DaddyTip is a Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide, courtesy of

Maybe you do care about what baby gear you use. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just know that I didn’t care very much.

While this is not an issue for me now that my kids are no longer stroller-bound, I am fairly certain that I mispronounced more than my share of baby brands back in the day. Since our society has become more baby-obsessed rather than less over the years, the proliferation of baby brands is like nothing so much as kudzu. (The weed, not the comic strip.)

Madeline Holler wrote a comprehensive guide to pronouncing the names of various brands of baby gear. For example, did you know that Joovy is pronounced the way it is spelled? It is “not ‘HOO-vy’ or ‘JJJJOO-vy,'” Madeline points out. “Rather, it sounds just like the nickname for juvenile hall. No connection, of course!”

Madeline’s Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide can be found at the Strollerderby blog by clicking here. (Full disclosure: Brett Singer used to write for Strollerderby; he no longer does.)

Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide | Strollerderby []
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