September 1, 2011

iPad 2 And Accessories at Walmart [DaddyDeals]

Admit it. You either have an iPad 2 or you want an iPad 2. And once you become an iHole like the rest of us, you will need iPad 2 accessories. Walmart has all of the stuff you want at a good price. Read on for some DaddyDeals.

The best thing about the iPad 2 — the lack of keyboard — becomes it’s most irritating feature when you want to get some work done, or even just answer emails that are longer than “yes — Sent From My iPad“.

The Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad is a good solution. Walmart has it for $64.88, which is a big savings off the regular price of $99.99.

Before you think keyboards, you may want to consider a screen protector. Why? Because you have kids. Even if you don’t have kids, screen protectors offer good, um, protection from your own greasy fingers. This klearCOAT Screen Protector for iPad 2 is a good option.

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