September 12, 2011

Tip: Don’t Torture Your Kids On YouTube

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In general, if you’re going to do something stupid to your children, don’t do it in public. Today’s tip is don’t torture your kids on YouTube. Especially if you don’t want to criticized, like the dopey dad who posted the viral video “I don’t want to turn black”.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re lucky. If you’re curious, here’s the gist.

A little girl asks her father “why some of her barbie dolls were black and some were white”; that quote is from the description on the video’s YouTube page. Dad “jokingly” informs her “that all little girls turn black on their 4th birthday (as her birthday was roughly a week away)”. Dad felt that “the reaction was worth recording.”

Happy birthday, kid!

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Buzzfeed picked up the clip, called it “My Little Racist Three-Year-Old“, and viralness ensued.

Also in the video’s description is the admonishment that “NO RACIST or KID HATING comments allowed or I’ll jus block you. Thanks.” (Spelling/grammar errors left as is.)

If you don’t want your child criticized by random strangers, don’t post videos of them on YouTube.

More importantly, why put your kid through the public scrutiny? For that matter, why put yourself through that scrutiny? I don’t think the kid is being racist by saying that she doesn’t want to become black. But that’s not the point. She’s three years old. Her father is goading her, pushing her, looking for a reaction so he can put it on YouTube. That’s obnoxious and completely unnecessary.

So keep your kids off YouTube. Especially if you don’t want people to talk about them.

My Little Racist Three-Year-Old [YouTube via Buzzfeed]

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