October 26, 2011

Dad Kidnaps Daughter’s Rapist

Vigilante movie

I saw this story by Jeanne Sager on CafeMom and had to post a link. Dad kidnaps daughter’s rapist? Hands him over to the police? Duh.

Here are the details:

Jeanne writes:

“Frenchman Andre Bamberski just cornered the market on paternal superlatives. After three decades spent trying to find justice for his daughter’s rape and murder in 1982, Bamberski found the man he says did it, kidnapped him in Germany, and placed him in the hands of police in France.”

To make the situation clear, the incident occurred in 1982, and Bamberski just caught the guy who (allegedly, let’s be fair) did it.

Jeanne continues:

“I know, I just came out and supported an international crime. But just the thought of someone hurting my little girl raises my hackles. I still hold a grudge against the kid who kicked sand in her face on the first day of kindergarten.”

Totally understand. I have boys, and I’ve said many times that if I had daughters I can’t imagine what a pain the butt I would be. I’m protective of my sons and get furious when anyone messes with them. Usually I manage to keep it to myself. (Not always. Usually.) Sexist as it may be, I imagine I would be even more protective if I had girl children. And if something like the above happened to her? I don’t even like to type the words, much less think about how I would react if it happened.

So I agree with Jeanne. Not advocating breaking the law. But I get it. Go dad.

Link Via CafeMom’s The Stir

Image via Amazon. It’s of a movie called Vigilante starring Robert Forster and Fred Williamson that I’ve never seen. I would watch that.

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