November 7, 2011

G-Man Half Price at Thwipster [DaddyDeals]

G-Man Half Price at Thwipster

Have we got a DaddyDeal for you! OK, it’s Thwipster who has the deal — G-Man by Chris Giarrusso for half the regular price. But we’re telling you about it. So we’re cool too.

Here’s the deal:

Chris Giarrusso is awesome. My son was introduced to his work on Mini Marvels, which are very funny. The G-Man books are 100% his own creation, and you don’t need any background in other superheroes to appreciate it. These are true all-ages comics, not just kid-friendly fare.

My son and I got to meet Chris Giarrusso briefly at the 2011 New York Comic Con. He seems like a damn nice guy. (I’ll post some video of Chris drawing one of his characters soon.)

So what’s the DaddyDeal? Thwipster has both volumes of G-Man for $4.99 each, half off the regular price. You should not hesitate to buy both volumes. Hello? McFly? No really. Go. Buy. G-Man. At. Thwipster. Now.

G-Man Volume 01: Learning To Fly by Chris Giarrusso, $4.99 at Thwipster; regular price $9.99

G-Man Volume 02: Cape Crisis by Chris Giarrusso, $4.99 at Thwipster; regular price $9.99