November 9, 2011

Interview with Neal Pollack November 10 on Blog Talk Radio


Brett Singer Live is back. (You know you missed me. Admit it.) I’ll be interviewing author Neal Pollack on Blog Talk Radio on Thursday November 10 at 1:30pm EST. I will also premiere a new song. A very jewy new song.

We’ll be discussing Neal’s latest e-book, the novel Jewball, which you can buy for only $4.99 at Amazon. (I love the title.) I also want to talk to Neal about Stretch, which is non-fiction and about yoga. It’s only $6.00 in paperback, which is a steal. You should buy it. Buy Jewball too.

If you’re on the fence about getting the books, tune in live on Thursday November 10 at 1:30pm EST and be convinced. You can also listen afterwards at, or get the podcast via iTunes.

Interview with Neal Pollack 11/10 1:30pm EST Brett Singer | Blog Talk Radio

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